Resurrections: Embodying bodies

This plaster-net-based panel was initially developed during the course “Arts, Technology and Philosophy,” a collaboration between the University College Groningen and the Art Academy Minerva (Groningen) guided by Dr. Martijn Boven (philosopher) and Roland Schimmel (artist). The panel was made by sewing myself onto the plaster net with different threads and by then cutting myself out through the net. With this performative act, I wanted to enquire about and critique ‘embodiment’ as another too abstract concept to ‘embody’ the body.

The panels, preliminary experiments more than final products, were exhibited at the University College Groningen (the Netherlands) on the 17th June 2019

Open Space

Mural panel designed for La casa sull’albero, former cultural creative center in Rimini (Italy).

A ‘casa sull’albero‘, a treehouse, grows with the tree. In the same way, La casa sull’albero wanted to grow and interweave with the city in a creative spirit of DIY and environmental sustainability by offering painting, design, sewing and acrobatics courses.

The panel visualizes the continual metamorphosis and intertwining of Rimini as a historical city and harbour, tourist destination, and its seaside culture with its long sandy beach, the sea and the walkways.