Academic stuff

Teaching, Talks, Conferences

  • Kunstvermittlung und Diskriminierungen auf der documenta fifteen
    Presentation with Desirée Hieronimous
    Zurich University of the Arts (4th April 2023)
  • Learning from lumbung one: Collectivity in Art Education
    Master-level seminar taught with Desirée Hieronimous and Bruno Heller
    Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), CH (Spring Semester 2023)
  • Understanding digital spaces:
    Analysing Expositions in the Journal for Artistic Research
    Kalbis Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia (17th Feb 2023)
  • Curating on KUNSTSURFER
    Presentation with Dr. Heiko Schmid
    Digital Art Center Taipei, Taiwan (16th Jun 2022)
  • Mapmaking and Storytelling: Disappearances
    Presentation for the event “La collezione della Galleria in tre tesi di laurea”
    National Gallery San Marino, Rep. San Marino (20th Aug 2020)
  • Research Design Across Disciplines, panel on Storytelling
    University College Freiburg, Germany (13th/14th February 2020)
  • Third Liberal Education Student Conference
    Conference, paper presentation with Carlotta Rudolph
    University College Utrecht, The Netherlands (10th-13th May 2018)
  • Second Liberal Education Conference
    Conference, staff member and participant
    University College Freiburg, Germany (4th-7th May 2017)


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Grants and awards

  • Grant ZHdK Fonds / Mercator Foundation for the exhibition ‘Framed:Wormhole – Taiwanese artists on Kunst-Surfer’
  • Grant Creative Tech for Good by the city of Zurich (for Kunst-Surfer)
  • Scholarship by the Hirschmann Foundation (Spring Sem. 2021)
  • Premio Meritamente for excellent students (SUMS San Marino, 2021)
  • Grantee of the Swiss Study Foundation (since December 2020)
  • Scholarship ‘Guido Paolucci’ – BCC di Gradara (2016)
  • National scholarship for excellent students (2011-2016)