Anorexia Athletica

A particular kind of eating disorder, involving a body running towards its death.

AA can be seen as a state of reduced energy intake and reduced body mass despite high physical performance.

Karl Sudi et al., ‘Anorexia Athletica’, Nutrition 20, no. 7–8 (July 2004): 657–61,

Preliminary sketches

Chiara Giardi (2016)
Chiara Giardi (2016)



Intersections explores the concept of “intersectionality” through a poem and a performance. A real intersection is used as a metaphor to describe how social categories like gender, nationality and religion may influence and constrain study and career choices, with a focus on women in academia.

Presented at Y2 Gallery (10th May 2019, Groningen – The Netherlands) during “Activism Today” – Activism and Academia


Groningen (The Netherlands)

Chiara Giardi (2018) – Frame from a video by Dr. Lucy Avraamidou
Chiara Giardi (2018) – Frame from a video by Dr. Lucy Avraamidou

Open Space

Mural panel designed for La casa sull’albero, former cultural creative center in Rimini (Italy).

A ‘casa sull’albero‘, a treehouse, grows with the tree. In the same way, La casa sull’albero wanted to grow and interweave with the city in a creative spirit of DIY and environmental sustainability by offering painting, design, sewing and acrobatics courses.

The panel visualizes the continual metamorphosis and intertwining of Rimini as a historical city and harbour, tourist destination, and its seaside culture with its long sandy beach, the sea and the walkways.

Corporeal Realities

Corporeal realities is a drawing performance which wanders in time and space. It is the artist’s journey of self-reflection. It explores the performer’s identity through the limits/contours of her own body. Identity, as the performance, is represented as a process. It never ends and it always changes through time and space. It moves, it re- writes itself, it reacts differently to the surroundings. It crosses other’s lives and it vanishes with time as the chalk traces on the floor. It is the representation of the mark one leaves on people and places. Where does the body end? And where does the external world start? What norms regulate the borders and interaction of those two spaces?

“As a consequence of being in the mode of becoming, and in always living with the constitutive possibility of becoming otherwise, the body is that which can occupy the norm in myriad ways, exceed the norm, rework the norm, and expose realities to which we thought we were confined as open to transformation”

Judith Butler, “The Question of Social Transformation” in Undoing Gender (New York: Routledge, 2004), p. 217

Corporeal realities is a journey of appropriation and empowerment. As passerby and spectator, you are invited to take chalk, join the artist and start drawing your contours to explore your body in its dialogue with the other performers, the audience and the city.

Corporeal realities at UKYA City Takeover

Nottingham (UK) 7-13 February 2019

February 11, 2019 (3:30 – 4:00 PM) at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Ph. Iolanda di Bonaventura (2019) –
Ph. Iolanda di Bonaventura (2019)
Ph. Iolanda di Bonaventura (2019)

Articles, news and interviews on San Marino RTV (Italian)

Corporeal realities on p. 16

The trailer

Performance and video editing: Chiara Giardi; Camera: Paulinus Burger

Freiburg i. Br. (Germany), 2018

Other frames

Chiara Giardi (2018)
Chiara Giardi (2018)
Chiara Giardi (2018)